Slip Dress Intimidation

I recently added a slipdress to the line and when I tell this to my friends or show them the dress they always say “ I can’t wear that, what about my boobs?” or “I hate my arms.” Guess what I also hate my arms and made my best friend add sleeves to my maid of honor dress for HER wedding. That’s how much of a pain in the ass I am. Fast forward to my 53 year old self and I am still a pain in the ass but just glad to have arms that still work now. The bra issue is another story and boobs weren’t left unsupervised at 23, let alone 53 so I wear a bra under the dress. With all the other things I need to worry about in this world, straps showing aren’t top of on my list.

I see the slipdress as a perfect layering piece. It’s flattering since it’s cut on the bias and serves as the most versatile dress in the closet. Pairing it with a denim jacket and sneakers makes it casual, while worn under a sweater with flats or boots, it’s perfect for work. Wear it alone, with jacket, cute heels and jewelry and you are ready to go out.

Pictures taken by my son, Coop.